Tips for Looking for a Perfect Alliance to Increase Your Hotel Business


Tips for Looking for a Perfect Alliance to Increase Your Hotel Business

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Is it a good suggestion to think for an alliance? Well, today’s revenue managers and hotel managers think that such a move will help you to rebuild your business. General managers for hotels think in a broad way and may take decisions to expand hotel business in a big way....


High ADR is Essential for Your Hotel’s Profitability

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General Managers have high pressure on increasing occupancy rate which directly generates revenue.  Unfortunately, higher revenue doesn’t always equate to increased profitability. A hotel with lower occupancy than competitors of similar size can enjoy higher profits. It is a proven fact. In order to maximize profitability, hotels must focus on...


Hotel Asset Management Will Continue to Evolve in 2017

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We have talked enough of hotel marketing and revenue management. Most of hotelier’s thing that revenue can be generated only by applying perfect marketing strategy or by having a superb revenue management plan. But there are other areas of revenue generation in  hotel business. Asset management is one such area...


Online Reviews are Amplifying Source for Direct Bookings

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The hoteliers are looking for new solutions to increase their sales and to revive their hotel business. The online hotel booking system, social media practices, online reputation management methods, new revenue management techniques, new marketing policies and many more methods are explored. This post does not claim that these methods...


Hotel Marketing Applying New Traits to Boost Hotel Sales

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Digital marketing trends have a great impact on websites. A lot more have to be implemented yet to do online business. The hotel industry involves media channels and now a days empowered with online practices. Hotels need to adopt these changes so that updated websites are ready to do online...


Promote Your Hotel Sales by Implementing Proven Tactics in 2017

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Normally, in hotel industry, we are looking for changes here and there and getting into an odd situation. But beginning of 2017 reveals that there is nothing to panic. The hotel business has undergone a revolutionary change like any other industry and must accept these changes quietly. We must believe...


A Solution to Deal with an Upcoming Threat of OTA to Hotel Industry

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Online travel agents are becoming a threat to the hotel business. Big brands or small hotels, all are facing this open challenge and a race to implement new technologies are sucking the profit of hotel industry. A survey revealed that majority of technology buyers (57%) are afraid of OTAs presence...


Loyalty is Earned on Quality basis not by Old Brand Names

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The hotel business is not an independent, single field business, it comprises of many units like travel, information technology, logistics, etc. We can say that hotel industry is a big umbrella giving shelter to many industries. 2016 was the year of ‘loyalty war’, an open war between travel industries and...


Timeless Principles of Hospitality for Exceptional Guest Experiences

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The hotel industry is fighting with tough competition of global presence. The hoteliers are trying at their level best but are they taking right steps to stand out as best from rest? A question often strikes, what should I do to implement excellence? An added value or service to provide...


Hotel Industry is Redefining its Focus Areas by Competing With Challenges

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Hotel industry is facilitated by online services like Airbnb which is providing information regarding hotels and other properties where one can stay at different locations, majorly covering big cities of world. Many hotel industry people are getting scared with presence of Airbnb and other websites which have definitely changed their...