Central Reservation System for Hotels

Central Reservation System for Hotels

Vivotels has developed a database driven Central Reservation System that revolves around storage and distribution of information concerning resorts, hotels.

The software is developed using the modular approach. The different modules include reservation, profiles, groups and blocks, rate and inventory control, administration, reporting, global distribution interface and PMS interface.

The software is catering the need of the travel agencies and other channels involved in hotel reservation. The software also supports online reservation with the help of the website.

The latest distribution policies to attract the clients and to deliver best services are adopted by the Vivotels executives.

Vivotels maintain your lodge internet site, GDS, and IDS. The mobile booking options are also incorporated. The reservation system is well merged with the computerized working of the hotel. Both the software’s get with each other. The ambience and royal feel are maintained throughout the transaction. The payment can be made online or offline.

Some of the modules of the software are:

  • Customizable CRS Admin

  • Chain-degree capabilities

  • Responsive UI Layout

  • Advertising and Social Media

  • Set up and Management

  • Interface Support

  • All time Connectivity

Right here are some of the modules and capabilities of which our resort CRS system consists: