Global Distribution System - Hotel GDS

Global Distribution System – Hotel GDS

In hotel industry, displaying the right information at the right time matters the most. Vivotels GDS software makes timely use of all the social media practices to showcase the richness and elegancy of your hotel to the masses.

The travel agents associated with the hotel have updated version of the software and time to time, they advertise the events and highlights of the hotel. The GDS is mainly to attract online visitors looking for the holiday destination or the corporate groups prefer such locations for the training and development programs, to conduct business meets and for various events.

The preeminent benefit of using GDS commits the world wide exposure to your hotel. At Vivotels, we are well aware that the B2B and B2C can be done easily with the help of website. We maintain the website of the client by regularly updating it. This is separate from the GDS software but a mandatory step to implement. The effective GDS system acts like a flash tour of your hotel.

The main function of the GDS is:

  • Channel Distribution with the help of GDS

  • Online and offline advertisements

  • First screen placement on hotel availability for Screen Preference

Our CRS connects to the following distributors: