Hotel Asset Control

Hotel Asset Control

There are two important factors to run the hotel business:

Hotel Operations and Hotel Branding. A third party hiring for the hotel operations is becoming the latest demand of the hoteliers.

With the help of our customized strategy, we optimize hotel assets clearly mentioning the tangible and intangible assets. A reliable property management plan is suggested to control the assets of the hotel.

We ensure that the total revenue generated by hotel gains extra ROI. Vivotels will advise you lodge equally distributed asset control plan to attain overall profit from the venture.

The asset control services include:

  • Precise Reporting
  • Value and Asset-Based Services
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Asset Inspections
  • Long Term Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales and Marketing Plan Execution
  • Cost Based Tracking
  • Capital Management
  • Annual Budgeting

How We Do It

Vivotels maximizes the hobby level of your lodge supervisor and productiveness degrees of the asset’s body of workers. We art work to hold and decorate the bodily situation of your hotel by tracking preservation and the completion of capital expenditure duties. We assist you increase and speak your desires for the belongings to the resort manager and subsequently encourage their fulfilment by tracking and directing your institution’s efforts within the path of undertaking these goals. And we searching for rate-powerful processes to maximise fee along side repositioning, boom, adaptive re-use of areas, transforming, refinancing, one of a kind sales possibilities, and prices of possession.
And do no longer assume for a 2nd this can’t be applied for your hotel. We work on obligations massive and small throughout the globe. Vivotels excellent practices may be applied in any form of resort;

  • Town accommodations
  • Boutique accommodations
  • Design Hotels
  • Luxurious accommodations
  • Hotels
  • Price range accommodations
  • Young people hostels

We provide our lodge asset control and resort proprietor representative services and solutions for a selection of customers consisting of hotel managers, operators, property owners, buyers, fund managers, banks, developers, and asset managers.

Bring in the experts and enhance your REVPAR & GOPPAR!