Hotel Channel Manager Software

Hotel Channel Manager Software

Vivotels Channel Manager Software aims to manage the hotel room booking, tie up with the travel agents, booking through OTA, booking through websites and third party operators, booking through distribution companies.

A single screen software can manage all the activities related to the booking. This was a milestone to run smooth booking operations for any big hotel.

The rate maintenance as per occupancy and demand desire a quick action and immediate decision to be taken. The Channel Software provides the access to the multiple channels.

The additional features like payment techniques, receipt generation are incorporated into the software.

The automatic system is less prone to the errors. The rebate on the overall billing can be manually added afterward or the tariff segments can be created and fed into the system.

The channel supervisor increases your operational capacity by distributing the information across various channels.

The channel Software adjusts the fluctuations in demand in a count of minus and improves sales effects. A lodge channel Manager Generation solution can be drawn from the software to fix the ups and down in the sales.

The software also helps in hotel business improvement plan & Pre-commencing services.

Vivotels also prepares improvement plans for the owners to manage manpower and other tangible resources.