Hotel Pre Opening Services

Hotel Pre-Opening Services

Vivotels provides a full array of Hotel Pre-Opening Services. The pre-opening planning is an esteemed service based on the feasibility analysis performed by the market experts.

We produce a time bound module for task scheduling which has attained remarkable success.

We start our processes before you open doors of your business. A stepwise decision-making planning result is produced at very early stage of the project covering all phases of the development plan.

Our regular visits to the property site may produce the following plans in detail:

Planning and Processing

Liaison with Building Contractors

Hotel Staffing

Hospitality Industry Researh & Marketing

Hospitality Brand Compliance

These plans will set the layout for the actual hotel developing project. The estimation cost, risk management, asset arrangement list, etc. can be prepared from the pre-investment plan. The flow of activities being carried out in actual project are based on the pre-investment plan.