Hotel Revenue Management

Hotel Revenue Management

Hotel Revenue Management is all about doing business in an educated manner. Vivotels follow the policy of selling the Right Room to the Right Client at the Right Moment at the Right Price with the marginal profit.

A hotel room is the panorama of your attitude towards “luxury and comfort”. Vivotels team works on individual room and its luxury-price ratio which determines the revenue generation by individual unit. The process calculates total revenue generation as a whole.

Over the period of time, the industry has implemented many practices in revenue generation model. Vivotels is successfully using latest trends with the customer-centric approach. The trends depict that before we implement revenue generation model, a review management system is suggested to be implemented.

Vivotels starts the review management plan by calculating Past/Presents occupancy ratio and by reviewing the increase in the expenditure and up gradation of the services. Thus optimizing the financial resources of your hotel.

We research well to study the local markets on the basis of requirement, expenditure capacity, and flair to luxury. An experienced Revenue Manager will be working with your crew to monitor sales and other management systems. He will analyze the scope of improvement and present a report on revenue improvement policy.

As the highly skilled professionals are representing our teams to control and rebuild a revenue model for your hotel, the overall efficiency of the system increases. Finally, our aim is to make you the emperor of your business in your field of expertise.

Our specialists focus on:

  • Yield and revenue techniques

  • Online & Offline Distribution

  • Internet advertising

    The Vivotels hospitality organization works with an exquisite form of hotels and resorts:

  • City Hotels

  • Boutique Hotels

  • Design Hotels

  • Luxury Hotels

  • Resorts

  • Budget Hotels