Hotel Turnaround Management

Hotel Turnaround Management

Vivotels trusts the technical solutions which can bring instant growth in the system. Building a strict policy and continuous online assistance is our preliminary steps to implement turnaround policy. The new workflow model is streamlined in a natural way that the hoteliers and investors don’t feel overburdened.

Vivotels has a proven track record to turnaround the situation of the distressed hotels. We implement feasible plans to turn around the non-performing hotel assets. The vast experience in hotel operations quickly resolves the non-performing operations and replaces them with new solutions which can successfully turn around the overall efficiency of the system.

Vivotels team mainly deals with the Revenue and Sales Management, Internet Marketing and Asset Management Planning and overall Hotel Management Policy.

We have adapted latest techniques to turn around the hotel property into a profitable business which can be applied to any size of the hotel including City hotels, Boutique Hotels, Design Hotels, Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Budget Hotels and Youth Hostels.

Our dedicated efforts will definitely improve the profit of your hotel business to increase your REVPAR and GOPPAR!