Hotel Website Booking Engine

Hotel Website Booking Engine

Vivotels offer a compelling Hotel Booking Engine through website. This powerful search engine engages, empowers and converts your website traffic into confirmed bookings.

The direct online bookings can boost your business targets without any investment.

Keeping the modern traveler in mind and facilitating him with all the comfort by providing the required services like local travelling, pick and drop to railway/Air Station, etc. are some of the features of Vivotels HBS.

The search engine can be operated with any of the smart devices like mobile phones and bookings can be made.

The software includes two interface. The first one is for the client and another one is for the admin. Both the interfaces use high-end technologies and a responsive GUI.

The admin interface can generate the trends of the traveler visiting your website. The admin staff can see the detailed internet traffic report including the trends and frequent reports of the visitors.

These graphical analysis is quite helpful for maintaining the hotel services and to check the rating of your hotel.

The software has a special feature where you can interact with the client and can come to know his viewpoints about your hotel. The feedback system with the online chat facility with the hotel Manager can act like a turning point in sales and services.