Online Reviews are Amplifying Source for Direct Bookings


Online Reviews are Amplifying Source for Direct Bookings

By: admin / Posted: January 27, 2017 No Comments

The hoteliers are looking for new solutions to increase their sales and to revive their hotel business. The online hotel booking system, social media practices, online reputation management methods, new revenue management techniques, new marketing policies and many more methods are explored.

This post does not claim that these methods are ineffective but emphasizes on very basic solution which is in your reach without going out of budget. Simply by amplifying your review volume might bring significant business results.

Whenever reviews are seen whether on your website or on some other website, we must note down messages. 79 % of US travelers have said that they would like to see hotel reviews before taking a decision to book a hotel. 41% of travelers don’t like to book hotel without watching a review.

It is clear that more and more reviews produce more content for potential guests to help influence their booking. Now let’s find out some methods to improve review volume:


Conducting email surveys and sending personalized emails help in increasing review volume thereby increasing hotel bookings. Some third-party survey providers like Revinate have partnerships with important review channels like TripAdvisor and Google that are designed to improve review volume on these sites.

So, what can happen when you give your review volume a bump? It depends on channel, and your objectives for your properties, so let’s break it down:


Google is a starting point for travelers to start their research. More than 68% of leisure travelers start their travel booking and shopping with Google search. Google research indicates that hotel booking path is not purely linear; future guests could be dreaming about their next trip while still booking for most immediate trip. Google suggests that it’s up to you as a hotel marketer to be present, relevant, and useful where your customers are looking for you. As a hotelier, you need to look at what traveler are looking for ? Apparently, you need to plan your strategy. Hotel marketing services and online marketing executives must decide a policy that how would you like to respond to your customers who are showing interest in your hotel.

To make it clearer that how reviews can boost your bookings is by noticing the fact that most of searches  starts with phrase like “hotels in——“. As a result, they see a mix of organic search results along with paid search results. The three factors involved in Google algorithms for hotel search are relevance, distance, and prominence. Prominence is a measure of your business volume. Review count and score are factors lead to local search ranking. More reviews and higher review scores will probably improve local ranking, increasing your chances that someone visits your website to book.


TripAdvisor is always an influential channel in hotel bookings. 77% of hotel guests reference Trip Advisor before selecting a hotel. Rejuvenate data of 200 million users says that 80% online bookings start by seeing reviews on Travel Advisor. Its mobile app is going to create even more review awareness among travelers.

TripAdvisor mainly works with three main principles: quality, quantity, and recency of reviews. More reviews are better than few. Positive reviews always count. Recent reviews show actual picture. Trip Advisor works on consistency of all factors over time.

A survey shows an increase of 300% in booking by following Trip Advisor and Google search. These results have had a significant impact on businesses of their properties.


Hotels need to have a strong presence on websites where guests are making booking decisions, and they need to work hard to improve their visibility on social media travel websites. In a nutshell, hotels have greater gains by increasing their volume of reviews on Google or Trip Advisor. The marketing and strategy development team should target reviews as an asset by people for people to increase sales.