Revenue Management software

Revenue Management Software

Vivotels provide software for the Revenue Management, It does the additional task of Forecasting, Optimization of resources and Client Management.

Our elementary and customized software is a breakthrough in the hospitality industry. The profit margins have decreased in the hotel business. This automatically generates the need of the effective revenue management system.

The immediate result oriented system is required for sustaining the demands of the hotel industry. The modifications and new additional services which are becoming mandatory, suddenly increase the budgeting. This affects the small and mid-segment hotels.

We have researched and forecasted the future requirements of hoteliers. The Revenue Management Software is catering all these demands in addition to the generation of the Revenue and Resource Management Plan.

The results from this software are obtained from the individual inventory entry of the particular hotel. All the assets (fixed and movable), regular cyclic expenditures along with the income generated are stored in the database. A plan is generated on the basis of these facts. This plan can be modified as per the individual.

Based on this plan, a Revenue Management Plan is formulated base on the structuring of data, reporting, Analysis, Rates, Strategies, Methodology.

Since we have worked on many real time projects in various big hotels, our experience brings visible results and our Revenue Management Plan is widely accepted.

Vivotels continuously works on updating the software as the industry trends change. A reactive and intuitive approach is adopted by performing regular surveys.

Vivotels has delivered a scientific approach to analyzing your results and sales trends. The software is known for maintaining consistent, accurate, precise, organized structure.

Our skilled staff provides hands-on experience to the hotel crew for operating the software. Some hotels prefer to hire our executives to operate and maintain the software for a longer duration.