Service Needs to Be on Par with Food, Ambience for a Hotel’s Success


Service Needs to Be on Par with Food, Ambience for a Hotel’s Success

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For a successful hotel, three attributes are most important: Food, Service, and Ambience. If you talk about any running hotel, food and ambience are normally found to be up to satisfaction level. Whenever a customer is found unsatisfied, questions on service are raised and to some extent they are true. Service should stand up for an excellent customer service by practicing good hotel strategic planning methods.


Here’s a case. One of a big hotel has a great vibe and good food. The aesthetic interior seating was quite appealing, It was once counted as a royal stay hotel but with time services started deteriorating and nowadays it is just a building. This building always reminds to focus on service part. No hotel can take looks or food as a guarantee to do business and be the first choice of users.

When you are running a hotel, every detail counts. For a good customer experience, it is important to have a pleasant experience better than last to win the heart of customers to handle business successfully.


It is an ongoing job to improve on a quality part to over deliver on service, as well as taking part of other two attributes. Every hotel employee should understand that their unique role in elevating guest’s experience makes or breaks that hotel. The entire asset management policy is dependent on these practices.


A daily meeting before the start of shift becomes standard operating procedure. Hotel Staff is given training on basic hospitality and salesmanship. Teamwork and communication with the humble attitude, dress grooming, and other tips are taught to front desk executives. The separate service team is conditioned to recognize, thank and welcome each guest.


Train your staff to think like an owner or manager and then to notice every detail. Every employee must see hotel ranking in top star hotels category. Service is either liked or disliked and it leaves the everlasting impression on customer’s mind.

A good service is like an ever-growing bank balance and a feeling of pride in staff and management. The strongest way of marketing is advertising by goodwill. So, focus on service with never compromising attitude and a sprit to sustain search engine competition.


When a member stays for a longer period and is satisfied with its package and facility, the employee starts thinking about the welfare of hotel. He then spreads positive waves of loyalty and mutual benefits even among new employees. This is how service becomes excellent.


It is advisable that you must approach your business from a fresh perspective. Do your best and be always open to exploring new traits and opportunities. Achieve this pinnacle in your operation and your hotel can be a live example for other hoteliers and hotel managers. By this way, you will raise the bar in your market area. Believe me, your guests will notice and reward your services.